FireMaster FZ Bushfire Shutter

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The FireMaster FZ bushfire shutter is a BAL-FZ compliant bushfire shutter that is installed around any window or door to provide BAL-FZ compliance without the need for toughened glass. This product has been tested to AS1530.8.2-2018 providing protection from direct flame contact, heat radiation, burning debris and ember attack. Please see size chart in tab below to determine which size is your best fit.


The FireMaster FZ bushfire shutter is a BAL-FZ bushfire rated shutter that is installed around any window or door. This product provides protection from direct flame contact, heat radiation, burning debris and ember attack. This product utilises a lightweight material allowing for a smaller and more compact headbox.

The shutter is concealed in a compact head box until it is deployed. This is installed to the exterior of an opening. The shutter is deployed manually via the push of a button; multiple shutters can be connected to one button. It can also be  deployed manually with a hand crank. The shutter can be lowered to any level for additional use as a block-out blind.

Standard Colours

We have 3 standard colours available as seen below. However, we can powder coat the FireMaster FZ system to any desired DULUX colour at a premium cost.

bushfire shutter - anotec silver grey - ember screen

anotec silver grey 51272

bushfire shutter - white satin - ember screen

white satin 1139S

bushfire shutter - black matt - ember screen

black matt 1139S


  • AS3959-2018 compliant
  • Tested to AS1530.8.2-2018
  • Seamless design integration
  • Bushfire protection up to BAL-FZ
  • Concealed in a small compact headbox above your window
  • Suitable for all windows and door types
  • Designed to span multiple windows or large sized windows
  • Manual & automatic deployment options
  • Minimum maintenance required
  • Can be used as a block-out blind
  • Battery Back-Up ensuring you can operate the shutters in the event of a power failure

3D Model of Bushfire Shutter

[woo3dviewer model_url="//" material_url="" canvas_width="1000" canvas_height="500" display_mode="3d_model" display_mode_mobile="3d_model" rendered_file_url="" model_color="#a8a8a8" background_color="#FFFFFF" model_transparency="opaque" model_shininess="plastic" show_grid="true" grid_color="#e5e5e5" show_ground="true" ground_color="#e8e8e8" show_shadow="false" show_mirror="false" auto_rotation="false" rotation_x="0" rotation_y="-270" rotation_z="0" offset_z="-11.759984135627747" light_source1="false" light_source2="true" light_source3="false" light_source4="false" light_source5="false" light_source6="true" light_source7="false" light_source8="false" light_source9="false" remember_camera_position="true" camera_position_x="35.957092914747435" camera_position_y="17.205664290038598" camera_position_z="-1.1925665043421825" camera_lookat_x="-0.973475998493049" camera_lookat_y="-0.22608135578007288" camera_lookat_z="0.03509559696892728" controls_target_x="4.3162977444552455" controls_target_y="9.857364094519891" controls_target_z="-0.05185774851055702"]

Bushfire Shutter FAQ's

Why do I need a bushfire shutter?

Ensuring your home is bushfire safe is an essential requirement when living in a high risk location. When developing in a bushfire danger zone it is a requirement to strengthen your external openings in order to satisfy the bushfire protection measures AS3959-2018.

The FireMaster FZ is designed to protect any external opening from fire entering the home. The technologically advanced fire rated material used in our bushfire shutters allow small head and side housing that can achieve large spans. This allows for all aspects of the system to be seamlessly integrated into your building design, providing you with greater design freedom and the ability to create spaces with vast natural lighting.

The FireMaster FZ is the only bushfire system which is tested to the most current standards. This system has been tested to AS1530.8.2-2018 and is compliant to AS3959-2018. Certification is supplied post installation.

When looking for bushfire safety solutions it is imperative that you request a test certificate as this can be the deciding factor on how your home performs in a bushfire.

The FireMaster FZ is constructed utilising an engineered steel frame and headbox system that houses a thin stainless steel material which is used to completely seal an opening.  These materials are fully non-combustible and are constructed to have zero gaps when deployed. This creates the most effective bushfire protection system on the market.

The Stainless steel material is stored on a roller which is housed in the headbox. when deployed the shutter will run down the side guides and will be completely sealed within the bottom recess.

For more information please download our drawings at the link above or click here.

The FireMaster FZ can be installed by one of our skilled technicians for complete quality assurance. If supply only is desired, the shutter has been designed for your installation. However, when the shutter is installed by yourself or your builder, we will still need to inspect the system to ensure that it is installed correctly before providing certification.

There is only 1 headbox which will fit all sized shutters.

150mm Deep x 204mm High

bushfire shutter headbox

For more information please download our drawings at the link above or click here.

The FireMaster FZ utilizes a headbox which requires access to the front in order to access the material roller. This access needs to be roughly 200mm to slide the front of the headbox off to access the roller.

Because of this you are usually unable to hide the system within a recess. However, if you are able to create the adequate space or incorporate an access panel into your recess, the headbox can then be hidden.

The Shutter is concealed in a compact headbox until it is deployed. The FireMaster FZ bushfire shutter has a simple automatic deployment by the press of a button and manual deployment via a hand crank system. Once closed the bushfire shutter will stop fire and embers getting into your home.

There are no standards which requires you to service and maintain your bushfire safety system. However we suggest that you perform regular tests to ensure the system is functioning at 100%.

If you require any maintenance we employ highly skilled service technicians who will ensure your bushfire safety system is always working at 100%. To speak to our service team simple click on the Service and Maintenance tab at the top of the page or click here….

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  1. Deanne Smith

    “The product looks great, and having your test done by Warrington’s gives me confidence in the product.”
    Euca Planning – Bushfire Consultant

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FireMaster FZ Size Chart

Window measurements are based on outermost part of the window frame, the shutter measurement is based on the outermost edge of the system.
Product CodeWindow HeightShutter HeightWindow WidthShutter Width