MicroLouvre Ember Screen

The most technologically advanced ember screen on the market. The MicroLouvre ember screen is a product which has multiple uses. Originally a solar shading product, our MicroLouvre bushfire screen has been tested and has proven to perform as an industry leading heat attenuation screen. Meeting the requirements for the AS3959-2018, this product can be used as a compliant ember screen up to BAL-FZ and is tested to AS1530.8.1 to provide complete protection up to BAL-40.


The MicroLouvre ember screen incorporates specially angled paper thin bronze louvres. The innovative louvre design prevents flame penetration from ember attack and burning debris. Testing was performed with industry leading results at the CSIRO.

This system has been tested to AS1530.8.1 and can provide complete bushfire protection up to BAL-40. As the louvres are spaced 1.49mm apart, the MicroLouvre provides ember protection in accordance to AS3959-2018 for use as an ember mesh up to BAL-FZ. Microlouvre can additionally be used for Heat Attenuation, Solar Shading and Light Control. For more information about these applications please click on the button below.

Standard Colours

We have 3 standard colours available as seen below. However, we can powder coat the MicroLouvre Ember Screen system to any desired DULUX colour at a premium cost.

bushfire shutter - anotec silver grey - ember screen

Anotec Silver Grey 52172

bushfire shutter - white satin - ember screen

White Satin 1139S

bushfire shutter - black matt - ember screen

Black Matt 19319


  • Compliant to AS3959-2018
  • 86% reduction of solar heat gain
  • 100% shading at sun angle of more than 40º
  • Reduces the internal temperature near windows by up to 10ºC
  • Save up to 60% on air conditioning costs
  • 80% open area allowing natural light and ventilation
  • Highly durable and weatherproof
  • Capable of withstanding wind speeds of 190km/hr
  • 50% noise reduction
  • Insect and pest protection
  • Powder coated frame to any colour
  • Light weight & easy to install/retro fit

FAQ's - MicroLouvre Ember Screen

Why will I need an Ember Mesh

According to AS3959-2018 an ember mesh is required to cover openable portions of windows to prevent ember penetration in the case windows are left open during a fire. This is a requirement for BAL-29, BAL-40 and BAL-FZ. An ember mesh is not required if you have installed a bushfire shutter.

MicroLouvre can be used as the only bushfire safety measure up to BAL-40.

MicroLouvre Ember Screen In Action


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