FireMaster FZ - Headbox

Kemps Creek Bushfire Shutter Installation, NSW:

Our FireMaster FZ Bushfire Shutter was installed to protect the sleeping quarters of the new Direct Freight Express Warehouse in Kemps Creek.

Builder: Parkview
Architect: Pace Architects
Sector: Industrial
Application: Bushfire Protection

What was the technical problem?

Direct Freight Express’ new facility is a purpose built logistics facility that will serve as Direct Freight’s NSW main distribution centre. Its primary focus is on all activities relating to transport and the distribution of goods. Direct Freight Express employ numerous long distance truck drivers who often are required to travel for many hours. To ensure they are always safe and rested, Direct Freight Express has developed sleeping quarters for their employees.

Unfortunately this building was determined to be within a bushfire danger zone with many sides of the building achieving various BAL levels from BAL-29 to BAL-FZ. The windows that were considered to have a bushfire attack level of BAL-FZ in accordance to AS3959-2018 required the entire window to be completely protected by a bushfire shutter which has been tested to AS1530.8.2-2018.

To learn more about how Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL) are determined, check out our technical tips or visit the RFS website

Greene Fire solution

Greene Fire’s FireMaster FZ Bushfire Shutter was nominated as the best solution to protect this building due to its performance when tested to AS1530.8.2-2018 and its narrow, compact design which does not impact the overall design of the building.

The FireMaster FZ Bushfire Shutter utilises a thin stainless steel fabric which enables the use of a small headbox and a sturdy compact design. This design performed strongly when tested and maintained its structural adequacy, leading to Australia’s First AS1530.8.2-2018 Tested Bushfire Shutter.

5 windows total were required to be protected by the FireMaster FZ each window with a different size and elevation. These sizes deviated from our standard sizing which gave us the opportunity to design custom sized solutions which seamlessly fit around the opening.


  • Tested to AS1530.8.2-2018.
  • 100% compliant to AS3959-2018.
  • Provides BAL-FZ protection without compromising the view.
  • Custom design enables more seamless system integration.
  • Manually operable enabling deployment if power fails.
  • This is a low maintenance system which can be used additionally as a block out blind.

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