Bushfires are a naturally occuring phenomena which is most prevalent within Australia. Our natural environment has evolved and adapted to withstand these events and thrive after they occur. Unfortunately much of our current built environment is not capable to withstand this natural phenomena. This was prevalent in the most recent bushfires which devastated over 100,000 hectares of land on the east coast of Australia and destroyed over 800 homes. These types of events are growing in regularity which has lead to the development of the Bushfire Building Standards AS3959.

What Is AS3959?

AS3959 was introduced in 1999 and has been updated in 2009 and 2018. This standard is used to detail what is required to make your home safe from a bushfire relative to your Bushfire Attack Level (To learn more about this please see our ‘Understanding BAL’ Technical Tip). This standard has become more and more difficult to achieve with each revision. A bushfire is a fierce and unpredictable force which can impact your home in various ways before the fire reaches your home, while the fire hits your home and after the fire leaves. This standard aims to protect your home throughout all stages of a bushfire as the danger does not pass when the fire does. It is essential for all home owners to read and understand this standard so they are not hit with a sudden unexpected notice to install bushfire protection measures. Previously this standard was quite inaccessible for home owners as it had a high cost of over $200 a copy. With the recent bushfires in early 2020, numerous companies are now providing this standard for a free download of the AS3959-2018 PDF.

Download AS3959-2018 For Free

These recent changes to the way we build and design our homes in bushfire danger zones have hit many home owners with unexpected costs and design changes. It is essential that everyone understands these changes and is prepared for how it will impact yourself and your home. Standards Australia has made AS3959-2018 available to download for free. To download your free copies of this standard please click on one of the buttons below.

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