“Lets Make Australian Made Solutions Accessible To All Of Australia”

Who Is Greene Fire?

Greene Fire has been operating in the fire engineered solution market within Australia since 2000, specialising in delivering fire and smoke curtain solutions. Our systems have been featured in the most distinguished buildings all throughout Australia including the Sydney Opera House, Monash University, Kings Street Wharf and Barangaroo. We have also installed some of the largest fire and smoke curtains in the Southern Hemisphere including the largest Horizontal Fire Curtain at 4 National Circuit, Canberra.

More recently our experience in delivering engineered solutions has expanded to offer fire shutters, fire rated glazing, smoke ventilation and now Bushfire Safety Solutions.

We have recently Tested our FireMaster FZ bushfire roller shutter to AS1530.8.2-2018 and can happily reveal (and prove) that we have a 100% compliant bushfire safety solution for BAL-FZ.

As a company Greene Fire is aiming to provide access to cost effective, reliable and compliant bushfire solutions to all of Australia.

There is a clear lack of solutions on the market which provide up to date, tested and compliant bushfire protection. Due to this lack of protection, We have spent the last 2 years researching and developing a solution which provides you the most cost-effective and reliable protection available that is tested to one of the toughest standards Australia has AS1530.8.2-2018.

We aim to make our solutions accessible for all of Australia and believe that the best way to do this is by connecting with those who are experts within the bushfire community to help us reach some of the most vulnerable communities.

By becoming a distributor you are helping us to achieve our goal of nation wide accessible bushfire safety. To learn more about becoming a distributor please click on the button below to get in contact with us.

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What Is Greene Fire’s Goal?

Why Help Us?

By partnering with Greene Fire you are opening up the opportunity to add a profitable system to your catalogue without expensive overhead, inventory or special equipment. 

We have recently upgraded our Manufacturing Facility to a much larger location. This upgrade has increased our output capabilities exponentially enabling us to manufacture more Australian Made solutions reducing overall costs and lead time.

Our latest solution the FireMaster FZ is Australia’s 1st Bushfire Roller Shutter Tested and proven to provide BAL-FZ compliance to AS1530.8.2-2018. This cost-effective solution has been designed for simple installation allowing almost anyone to install the system. With simple deployment options this solution is versatile and design friendly.

This is the only Up To Date solution tested to AS1530.8.2-2018 in Australia. We can provide you with full confidence that you are providing your client with a 100% tested and compliant solution that is only made by Greene Fire.

Tested BAL-FZ Protection

Achieve BAL-FZ compliance with any window or door with our AS1530.8.2-2018 tested bushfire shutter. You do not require any specified glazing and can be installed onto a lightweight substrate.

Simple Deployment

The curtain can be deployed manually via push button or with the use of a hand crank system. Multiple curtains can be connected to the one button.

FireMaster FZ

Cost Effective Solution

The FireMaster FZ is a lightweight cost effective solution which saves you both manufacturing and installation costs.

Lightweight Design

Utilizing a thin stainless steel material which is neatly concealed in a small headbox which is consistent no matter the size of the shutter.

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