Installation & Certification

We at Greene Bushfire understand that being placed in a bushfire zone is a very daunting experience that can lead to unexpected costs and changes. To support you through these periods we aim to provide the most simple purchase to installation process possible with various delivery methods which can help you reduce costs and lead time.

Supply & Installation

Our Supply & Installation option provides you with the comfort of knowing that we will be doing all of the hard work for you. This option includes the delivery of the system to the project address and the installation by one of our trained technicians. After installation an inspection will be performed ensuring the system meets our standards and certification will be provided.

Supply Only

Our Supply Only option allows you to save some installation costs if yourself or your builder are willing to install the system. The system has been designed specifically simple and quick installation. However, as we were not able to install the unit ourselves we will be required to perform a site inspection after installation in order to provide certification.

Factory Pickup

Our Factory Pick up option is our most cost-effective option as it removes both the delivery and installation costs. While this is the most cost-effective method, please ensure that you have adequate equipment to safely transport the systems to and from the project site. Additionally after the installation occurs, a site inspection will be required in order to provide certification.